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Investment Process Overview: Portfolio Construction

Investment Process

Determining the optimal portfolio for each client involves the balancing of risk and reward in a dynamic environment.

  • We have built our reputation as portfolio managers on the proposition of generating superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle.
  • Our approach begins with the development of asset class models, then integrates quantitative and qualitative analyses to screen for appropriate investments. We then conduct an analysis of investment options and apply macro-economic, geopolitical risk and market volatility overlays as needed.
  • We construct portfolios using a repeatable and reproduceable process with attention to rigorous analytics and a focus on long-term returns. We pay careful attention to risk and objectivity when completing the asset allocation.
  • Our strategies use quantitative investment methodologies to identify sectors and asset classes having a favorable return outlook.
  • Our process takes into account various constraints such as investment horizon, desired cash flow, and liquidity needs. Once a client's financial and personal situation has been established, a risk profile as well as goals can be defined and a personalized investment strategy put into place.
  • To pinpoint needs and determine objectives, we confer with each client on an ongoing, periodic basis to keep attuned to their changing requirements and the market performance of their individualized portfolio.
  • Based on a client's specific request, we also develop specific mandates such as a geographical focus, U.S. equities only, Emerging Markets or Asia; a product focus such as equities, bonds, or alternative investments; a benchmark approach, looking for out-performance versus a specific index, a group of indices or other benchmarks, as well as asset class mandates, concentrating a portfolio on a restricted number of investment approaches.
Understanding client’s financial situation & objectives

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